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Psychologists in Cyprus

This Cyprus Psychologists list is a free* and independent listing of available Psychologists within the Cyprus area. If any information is inaccurate please contact us to put it right.

Fotiou 3, River Court, Block C, Office 16, 3rd Floor
1095 Nicosia
Tel :22458750, 99532393 Fax : 22672718

We offer individual, group & couple's counseling and psychotherapy in a safe, warm, therapeutic environment along with seminars and workshops. We specialize in eating disorders among other disorders. With our associates we also offer family and child counseling, psychometric evaluation for learning difficulties, as well as for hiring and career guidance.

Within a warm and secure environment, the Center offers, with absolute confidentiality, Person Centered and Systemic Psychotherapy and Counseling, both at the personal and the group level. Along with our co-workers, we offer counseling to couples with respect to the psychological support fundamental for fertility and in-vitro procedures, family and couple person centered and systemic counseling, child psychology and teenager counseling, as well as, individual and family counseling psychotherapy regarding sexual and sexual orientation problems.

In addition we specialize in person centered and systemic psychotherapy of depression, crises, panic attacks, phobias, obsessive compulsive disorders, stress and anxiety, post-traumatic syndrome and grief counseling.

Furthermore, as a result of our relevant experience, the Center also offers specialized services in personality evaluations, learning disorders, career counseling and assessment of job candidates.  Finally having trained at the National Center For Eating Disorders in England, we offer individual and family psychotherapy for eating disorders.